Images from the exhibition
A number of images of the display called “Chasidic Wedding in Poland” taken by Mendel Grosman and/or other ghetto photographers, have been preserved in the Łódź State Archives. They can be found online in the photo archives of Yad Vashem:
YV 7317_3817 Hochzeit
Yad Vashem 7317/3817
YV 7317_3818 Hochzeit

Yad Vashem 7317/3818

YV 7317_3819 Hochzeit

Yad Vashem 7317/3819

YV 7317_3820 Hochzeit

Yad Vashem 7317/3820
YV 7317_3826 Hochzeit

Yad Vashem 7317/3826
Additional images of the exhibition: Yad Vashem Photo Archives RG 7317, numbers 3821-3825 and 3842.

Sculptor Icyk Majer (Vincent) Brauner apparently created larger figures as well. Some images from the Lodz State Archives (available for viewing online at Yad Vashem Photo Archives):
YV 7317_3878 Brauner
Yad Vashem 7317/3878

Additional images of the sculptures - which have disappeared - see Yad Vashem Photo Archives RG 7317, numbers 3879-3886.